White Bricks are compelling

White Bricks are so compelling, aren’t they?

Okay, so let’s get this out the way; first off, we know that white bricks aren’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea.’ They’re certainly not suitable for every build, but no brick is! And this is why we have many different brick types, colours and options for you to choose from in our brick index.

But we consider that the results are often simply exquisite when using white bricks in the right places. Maybe the rarity of their use also adds to the impact of seeing a grand white building or some contrasting white detailing ‘pop’ on a darker brick facade. We think the results are stunning, but perhaps we are just a little biased.

Check out some of the recent project images below, and let us know what you think of our White Bricks.

White bricks are like precious gems. We love them because they can make a contemporary building look ultra-sharp, stylish, and efficient. Or, by contrast, they can contribute to a more conservative and classic facade that appears soft and sometimes humble.

Did you know that Camtech has five very different types of white brick available? You can find them all here in our Brick Index.

We are regularly adding new bricks to the index, and we also have some new brick ranges coming in 2021, including a Waterstruck range, Linear bricks, and lots more exciting brick products.

Or just maybe, Grey is the new White! We have many super cool options on Grey bricks coming through this year.
Have you seen our new Mayon Grey, Mayon Grey-White, and the Masaya yet?

These are just some of the latest White & Grey bricks from Caprice made exclusively for Camtech and its UK distribution network. Why not reach out to one of our brick specialists for more information on our latest products and to request some samples?

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