Rustic Bricks – Kempton Weathered Antique


Wow! this project makes excellent use of the Kempton Weathered Antique CBP-OLI-KWA. A great example of just one of the 32 unique rustic bricks in the Camtech Rustica Range.

Did you happen to notice the prefabricated chimney? This image ties in very nicely with our earlier post about the Prefabricated chimneys supplied to Southwold Hospital’s regeneration. We’re grateful to the developer for these images. Excellent work, and thank you for sharing.

Kempton Weathered Antique: A clay facing brick with a rustic charm and informal style typical of bricks produced at the Olivier Bricks factory. A charming mix of red tones blended by a scattered whitewash overlay and the occasional use of black or pink brick, which like punctuation, brings a sense of order.

Plenty of detail here but effortless at the same time.— a gentle rustic brick with a sense of order and a timeless appeal.


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