Are you looking for bricks?

Are you looking for facing bricks?🔎

Hello! Architects & Specifiers, we need to let you know that you can now find Camtech facing bricks on the popular industry resource platform – SpecifiedBy!

So, if you’re looking for brick ideas or a spark of inspiration to fire up your next fabulous project, why not check out our selection of facing bricks here?

By the way -did you know that Camtech offers an eclectic range of Handmade bricks, Stock bricks, Rustic bricks, Waterstruck bricks, Linear bricks, and Roman bricks?

Go here for the Brick Index;
and here for SpecifiedBy;

We also manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of Brick Specials & Arches;

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If you are looking for bricks, why not head over to the Brick Index. Alternatively, you could talk with one of our brick specialists today! on 01763 262006