2021 What’s new already!

We have News!

So, we’ve hit February 2021 already, and we would love to share a few Camtech News items with you.

Firstly, we like to say how very fortunate we are feeling. As a supplier to the UK Building Industry, we’ve been encouraged to maintain our operations, albeit in a Covid-Safe manner, but otherwise, things are as near ‘normal’ as you could expect or wish for.

We’re busy, busy, which is how we like it, and our supply-chain partners are doing a magnificent job keeping up with the demand for great products.

News. . .yes, here are the changes at Camtech

  • New Website

    We have an updated and refreshed website – check it out here www.camtechbp.co.uk

  • New Facing Bricks

    We’ve added three stunning new grey bricks to our premier range. You can find them in our new Brick Index.

  • Strategic Partnership

    We’re delighted to announce that Caprice Baksteen has chosen Camtech as their strategic partner and sole distributor of their brick products in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

What stays the same? - reassuringly, we are still Camtech.

We want to help you make informed decisions and find the right solution for your business, customers or project; after all, it’s much more than just a product, Right!

We don’t build houses – but we do build five* business relationships.